The Easyholster ushers in a new fashion era: this stylish accessory is an absolute must in the wardrobe of every fashion-conscious man or woman. Because whether your style is business or casual, you always need space for your mobile phone, wallet and keys.
You decide if you visibly wear the Easyholster over your clothes or more discrete under your jacket. No matter how you wear it, one thing is sure: Your personal belongings are safe and within your reach! The DIYA Easyholster makes sure you don’t have to worry about the safety of your personal belongings so you can concentrate on the other important matters of the day!


Although the Easyholster at first sight may seem like a tough accessory primarily for men, the product was designed out of pure female frustration…

As the Executive of a large company she stumbled upon the same problem, time and time again:

‘Where do I leave my mobile phone, out of sight and close to me at the same time? I don’t have a loose and spacious trouser pocket, nor do I always wear a jacket with an inside pocket. And carrying it around in my hand, that’s not looking very professional!’

It was this very frustration which gave birth to the exclusive design of the Easyholster: a stylish and convenient accessory to carry along your personal belongings in a very discreet way. In a time where mobile phones are becoming more and more advanced and the design and shape rapidly changes, it becomes quite a challenge to carry the device somewhere in your clothes.

DIYA Easyholster, your next must-have





Multi-functional (mobile phone, wallet and keys)

“Ik was op zoek naar een oplossing om mijn telefoon stijlvol op te bergen. Ik ben uitgekomen bij de website van Easyholster, en heb een bestelling geplaatst. Ik ben uiterst tevreden over de kwaliteit, snelle levering en dat mijn telefoon netjes en veilig onder mijn colbert is opgeborgen.”

– Robert Jan de Heer

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